Freegans needed!

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Freegans needed!

Post by Lynne » Wed Jun 17, 2009 2:05 pm


I work for a show for STV called The Hour as a researcher, and I am working on a piece about freeganism and the belief that as a society we create too much waste. I would love to speak to some freegans, but having trouble finding anyone and I wondered if you knew if any of your workers or customers perhaps adopted this ideology and would be up for talking to me!

You can email me here or my number is below, I can call anyone straight back for a chat if they are happy to talk to me!

Thanks, hope you can help,

Ally :)

Picture (Metafile)Ally Kay | Researcher | The Hour |
Tel: 0141 300 3207 | Fax: 0141 300 3279
email:| website:
stv | Pacific Quay | Glasgow | G51 1PQ | switchboard: 0141 300 3000

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