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Postby ravanwin » Mon Jan 09, 2006 5:50 pm

We are low on mugs. Many have chips. There are things you can do:

1) If you are in the church hall / indy media / live science spaces ... bring BACK OUR MUGS!

2) Steal mugs!
There are many chain pubs, restaurants starbucks and ikea to steal from. We encourage this. Please do not steal from small independent bussinesses. Please don't steal from us. Steal from tesco.

3) Buy / donate mugs: if you have too many in your flat, if you wanna go out and do some charity shopping, go buy a bunch, (we can trade for tea / coffe if you like?)

Please bring us mugs, cups and glasses....

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Postby barstoolprophet » Mon Jan 16, 2006 12:51 am names sam and i'm new t the el forum. i found a huge box of smashed up mugs today near the dumbie dykes sign that says " we replaced 200 windows this year...woo hoo " i'll have a look and see if any are collectable and in fully working order. due to the fact that they were found outside dumbie dykes, may i advise extreme caution ( maybe protective clothing ) while drinking...

sam the bam

p.s. if there not there...forget i ever said anything :lol:
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