tunes wanted for freshair internet radio show

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tunes wanted for freshair internet radio show

Postby peterpiper » Fri Jan 20, 2006 2:40 am

oi oi people. Hit teh mixdown button and get those weird and wonderful electronic tunes over to ASAP.

Bedroom Beats is a two hour weekly show at midnight 'til 2am Sunday GMT on Freshair - an Edinburgh based internet radio station. Broadcasting begins on January 24 and continues for 12 weeks. So I plan to mop up 24 hours of tunes Check out for more information.

Bedroom Beats is a platform for electronic musicians to get their tunes heard featuring tutorials and tips on music and production. Playing 100% tunes I didn't buy of all electronic genres. I need them tunes so hurry up. Currently, is the only way to submit stuff. 128 kbs mp3s are cool AFAIK.

Post links here if you like, PM/email me if you're shy. Everyone will get credited and tracklisted of course. please label your tunes with your name first then the track name. like: "artist_coolest-choon-ever.mp3" or I will forget who they're by. id3 tags are always essential for this sort of thing.

Just to prove I'm not all take and no give, please watch my happy summery movie that I made recently in South Africa: Hermanus (quicktime)

Peace and love
Peter Piper
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