Wowee, who likes music? Who wants to make more music?

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Wowee, who likes music? Who wants to make more music?

Postby JamieSm » Fri Jan 27, 2006 1:09 am

Alrighty there

I've been trying to get together with like minded musicians. I'm looking for some nice, equally bubbly people who aren't afraid to do something different.

I am trying to start a project using different electronic instruments. Whatever you'd like to play with, wether it's
A sampler
A keyboard
A nintendo ds with electroplankton
A psone with music 2000
Absolutely anything!

Anything you can be creative with, and can play live with. If you are a creative person and would like to not only be part of a no doubt clever-ass band, but also to meet a(or maybe some) new friend, give me a shout!

I'm 18 and only have experience in jam bands, and some solo midi work. My heart is really in experimental music and it's all i'd like to write, but i'd love to compose in a group or at least with someone else! I don't care wether you're 18 or 35, as long as you think you'd enjoy this!


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