Want to get an excellent deal on broadband etc?

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Want to get an excellent deal on broadband etc?

Postby beev » Sat Feb 11, 2006 8:23 pm

Want to get an excellent deal on broadband, digital tv and phone? I've been looking around and I think I've found something very good indeed.

Homechoice Digital are offering 1MB broadband, digital tv (with free set-top box) and unlimited free landline phone calls at evenings & weekends for £17.99 per month. It's a one year contract, you pay only £14.99 for the first two months, and you also get £15 off when you sign up online. Installation charge is £1.

I've been checking this out and it will definitely save me money, and probably you too if you have broadband and use a telephone.

Helen & I currently pay £16.99 per month for broadband from Surf 24/7, which is a pretty good deal for unlimited usage at (I think) 1MB. We make a shitload of landline calls at evenings and weekends (Helen does anyway), and we pay for every one of them. We also pay £11 per month to BT for line rental - Homechoice are offering the same for £10.

That means that - aside from the £3 discount on the first two months and the £15 discount - we will be paying the same monthly amount overall and the digi tv and free calls will be ours at no extra cost. That is a good deal! (I've been checking out Vonage to save money on phone bills but I'm not convinced by their sales patter.) Aside from the free calls, Homechoice also has cheaper charges on other types of phone calls (mobiles etc) than our current deal.

I know many foresters are not fans of tv, but I am a lover of BBC, who I believe do the best tv in the world, and I'm also a fan of BBC4 - an excellent news & current affairs channel only available on digital.

Why the sales pitch? Remember when BT were first rolling out broadband in the UK? it wasn't available in every area and a sufficient amount of people had to register their interest before they would make it available. It's the same with this. If you're based in Edinburgh and you think this sounds like a good deal, go to their website, check it out, and register your postcode in the top-right corner of their homepage.

Personally, I don't think these guys are cowboys. I'm sufficiently convinced that I don't feel the need to do a bunch of research into it, tho a quick google search brought up this (admittedly rather old) article from The Register which shows Homechoice are a serious company.
http://www.theregister.co.uk/2004/09/28 ... _wakes_up/

Anyone else think this sounds like a good deal?

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