i am the music man...i come from....

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i am the music man...i come from....

Postby Cosmic » Tue Feb 21, 2006 8:51 pm

Yo folks,

so like I think it would be grand if there was a regular band night on at the forest. In the same way that there is a regular film night, as i know many people look forward to the film nights and nip into the forest when it's on just to see whats playing. I would hope that if a musical event were to take on the same kind of slot, people would react positively to it and would check it out regularly, without having to be up to date on flyers and e-mails etc.

I play in two bands myself, but i'm thinking a rolling roster of 5 or 6 core bands would be enough to hold it together to begin with, and Ka willing, if it catches on other bands will want to get in on it.

So what say you musical types? there is music already in the place of tree's. but like bowel movements, it would be nice if it were regular.


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