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Local Community Links

Post by Eystein » Mon Dec 27, 2010 9:15 am

On 18th December 2010, after the Forest Grant Application Writing Team flash-mobbed the Old Town Community Council AGM and gave them flapjacks fresh from the Forest's kitchens, it was decided that the Forest should have a seat on the Old Town Community Council to enhance our cooperation with and awareness of the community and vice-a-versa. It was also decided, in the first instance, that I would ccupy this seat (in the interests of democratic accountability, this is of course open to discussion).

However, for the moment, I was wondering if anyone has any specific relevant issues they would like me to bring up at the next meeting (11th January). I am still finding my feet in this organisation myself so I am not entirely sure what is pertinent but I am sure they will be happy to hear whatever we have to say! I look forward to hearing from people.

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Re: Local Community Links

Post by milk » Thu Dec 30, 2010 11:53 am

haha, beautiful. do you get to go to the City Centre NP meetings?

if you could get the person with the power over http://www.edinburghnp.org.uk to make the events page have an iCal feed, the standard open format for calendar information which, if implemented, would mean that Edinburgh residents and community groups could aggregate upcoming events from the NP site, either for easier personal use, or to spread the information further afield, which would be most handy!

and/or get them to list volunteer and mutual aid sites on the external links page, beyond just the EVOC link, things like Volunteer Centre Edinburgh, Edinburgh LETS, Freegle, etc.

and for the Old Town CC's website itself - http://www.edinburgholdtowncc.org.uk/ - eeeek! totally not helping anyone beyond the very very basics. (WHAT ARE THEY BUILDING IN THERE? WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW! etc). how about suggesting you blog the happenings? (that site was registered by a 'John Stewart', which might help if you're at all interested)
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