Bands members needed

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Bands members needed

Post by nospoons » Tue Apr 04, 2006 12:41 pm

Shoegaze/neugaze noise drones wall of sound to a mechanical beat.
(ie, the telescopes, My Bloddy Valentine, early MELA, spaceman3, Jesus and mary chain, Seamonnster eara wedding present, big black, Fuxa, Spectrum, EAR, spiritualized, BJM, BRMC, and many others)

Bassist/ drum-machine/occasional guitarist seeks band members/co-writers:
Singer (very basic guitar ability would help )
• Lead guitarist

would also like to include the following: Xylophone, whistle, flute, one of them keyboards you blow etc...

Enthusiasm more important than technical ability. Serious project with aim of performing.

For a demo or further information, please contact
Mark email:

Also available Online/download:

(please note that this is not conected to the other add for a singer: i posted that on behalf of me mate John)

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