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Volunteer Development Scotland

Post by Lien » Wed Oct 26, 2011 4:10 pm

Hello peeps out there,

Just got this mail from a lovly gril who works for Volunteer Development Scotland, shomebody intrested ? I can give the contact information


Good morning The Forest

Firstly to introduce myself my name is Hannah and I am a Research Assistant at Volunteer Development Scotland (VDS). I met with Bridget at the end of July about a covering The Forest for a case study on implementing information to improve practice, for example gathering volunteer suggestions and implementing them to improve practice.

I have completed the text version of the case study and it is currently being circulated internally at Volunteer Development Scotland and will shortly be heading your way.

When I met with Bridget I was discussing the possibility of covering a short video version of The Forest’s case study unfortunately the timing was not great due to the Festival starting. However, I have just had my contract extended for another 6 months and I am writing to you to ask whether you would be interested in being involved in the video version?

What this would entail would be if Bridget (or someone who can represent the organisation) can discuss how information is used to improve practice (for example information if you receive a suggestion from a volunteer on the online forum (twitter) about adding a new dish to the menu) to highlight the benefits of implementing the changes to improve practice on film.

If you think this is something that The Forest would like to be involved in I can put together a short outline of the questions and filming schedule.

I realise that at the moment The Forest is possibly relocating and I understand it might be difficult to see how filming could take place but I am hoping we would be able to overcome this by arranging filming in a certain place in Edinburgh or here at VDS. Due to The Forest’s unique story, being volunteer-led organisation and including all people ethos, I think this would bring a new perspective to more structured volunteer-led organisations and help VDS create resources to help organisation like The Forest, as well as a great opportunity for The Forest to be promoted as a best practice organisation.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on the details below.

Best Wishes,

Hannah Crabbe

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