Forest Question & Answer Day - 15th of November

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Forest Question & Answer Day - 15th of November

Post by Margarida » Sun Nov 13, 2011 11:43 am

Dear all,

On the 15th of November, we're going to have a 12hour marathon of Forest Question & Answer - 10am to 10pm.
We'll be running it simultaneously on the BB, our Facebook group and on our Twitter account!/foresttweets .

We know it's difficult to keep up to date with the Forest situation now that we're temporarily without a noisy-bubbly headquarter and that's why we'll be here to answer all of your forest-related-questions. Please consider only a couple of guidelines:

1 - Post questions on the day only.
b) One question, one answer. If you ask a silly question, you're probably going to get a silly answer in return. We want to inform but we're not going to engage in flame wars because they lead nowhere and make your face ugly.
III. Please consider that there will be someone answering your questions and as much as they are answering in name of the Forest collective, they're still individuals. Be respectful and patient.

We'll be online ALL DAY 15 November to answer your questions. About Forest stuff mostly, but we'll probably talk to you about anything. Come say hi...


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