a touring friend

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a touring friend

Post by scoutwinter » Fri Aug 03, 2012 2:21 am

greetings, my faraway friends.

a friend of mine Sunny is looking for places to tour in europe, his shows are amazing. If you have suggestions or want to help him put on a show in edinburgh that'd be awesome. Go to his website http://www.sunnydrake.com and let him know!

Looking to tour later this year, 2013 and 2014. Basic info below about the shows, workshops I can run as well as the sorts of spaces I'd like to perform. More info is attached as well.
Both shows look at serious topics in light-hearted/accessible ways including analyses of race, gender, class etc. Both shows have been super well received by LGBTQI2-S as well broader non-queer audiences.

<<ABOUT "X" (60 minutes)>>
Stop motion animation, puppetry and live performance meld in this fast-paced one-man show, a tongue-in-cheek exploration of quick fixes and fixations hard to quit.
Booze. Facebook. Sex. Carbs. Fess Up: what’s your guilty pleasure? X is your window into the whimsical world of two best friends and two puppets searching for an escape from reality. But what happens when even the escape becomes a nightmare? When an absurd new government law aiming to clean up the world from alcoholics comes into effect, will they escape their escape?
Magical, absurd, tender & humorous, X provides insight into the complexities and struggles of alcohol in peoples’ lives, as well as touching on other addictions.

<<ABOUT "OTHER-WISE" (60 minutes)>>
A gutsy convention-defying one-person show weaving theatre, magical animation, movement, puppets, comedy & multimedia.
Other-wise is a letter to Sunny’s family come to life on the stage, exposing his emotions and experiences as a transgender person. Animated creatures whisk us into worlds of magic as Sunny explores boy tits, being honest with one’s family, transgender history, learning to fly and getting comfortable with contradictions and not knowing.

Cities, big & small towns… I’m open to small audiences in small towns! I don’t judge success by audience numbers. The shows work best in theatres, but can also be performed in other venues such as classrooms, warehouses, town halls and youth centers (I have my own tourable lighting).
* Must have minimal external light interference (e.g. windows will need to be covered)
* Intimate sized spaces (under 100 seats) are best as the puppets are small.
* Minimum dimensions of "stage" area: Depth 4.5m (15 ft) x Width 3.5m (11.5ft) x Height 2.5m (8.5ft)
>> more tech specs/requirements attached.
* Theatres -local, national and international festivals: theatre festivals, queer, transgender, multi-artform festivals
* Colleges - looking for personal contacts, suggestions or advocating with particular universities/colleges e.g. theatre departments, queer groups, PIRGS, social justice groups...
* Young people's spaces:
- High schools (most suitable for years 11 and 12. Unlikely to suit ultra conservative schools!) Could be hosted by the theatre dept (e.g. part of an autobiographical or solo performance subject), a GSA, social studies class etc.
-Youth centres/ organisations: LGBTQI2-S, addiction related or broader young people
*Conferences - could be the evening educational entertainment for addiction, mental health, queer, transgender, health workers, therapists, social workers... (along with a daytime workshop)
* Warehouses, Town halls, art galleries...

Workshops can be hands-on or information based and range from 1 hour to multi-day. Workshop focuses include:
• Artist Q&A
• Creating autobiographical and/or community researched performance
• One person/solo performance
• Creative writing
• Creating multi-genre theatre, particularly incorporating multimedia
• Self-producing and touring independent work
• Addiction (with a preference to co-facilitate with a qualified addictions counsellor)
• Transgender and/or queer, lesbian, gay, bisexual, intersex education

I have available:
- Dvd of each show ("Otherwise" dvd ready now, "X" dvd ready in about 2 weeks!)
- Short online video promo ("Otherwise" promo- see http://www.sunnydrake.com , "X" promo- ready in about 1 week!)
- Presenters package attached including: longer description of the shows, press quotes, artist biographies, full list of tech specifications, to a history of each show etc

Also checkout my website if you’re interested: http://www.sunnydrake.com

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