Would you like to be an Old Hat Books librarian?

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Would you like to be an Old Hat Books librarian?

Postby celia » Mon Nov 26, 2012 4:32 pm

Old Hat Books was a radical book and hat library based in the front room of the Forest Café. The library was collectively run and anyone could get involved. Lots of the books and hats were donated and many were collectivised (people shared their books so the community could benefit). "We want the library to be a community shaped alternative resource for the dissemination of radical ideas and radical hats!" was the motto. However, since the shift over to the Pavillion Cafe and busy lives getting busier, the library unfortunately fell quiet.

If you think you might want to help organise a new collective, this is the place to start. Unfortunately, the previous collective are unable to continue and will need to pass the books back to their original owners and on to good homes should there be no interest. It's been a wonderful few years and the old collective have enjoyed so many great times with the library. So if you fancy putting new life into a ready-made project, (collectivised books pending) here it is!


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