Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire - Call-out

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Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire - Call-out

Post by swithun » Thu Jan 17, 2013 9:31 am

Maybe of interest.
There's two weeks left to get your application in to participate in the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire.
If you have not heard about the Mini Maker Faire yet there is lots of information below. Feel free to
get in touch for answers to any questions you might have and please do pass the call-out on to those
who might be interested in taking part.

Call-out for Makers

Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire - Sunday 7 April, 2013 - Summerhall

The Mini Maker Faire is the hottest show (and tell) in town -a family-friendly showcase of invention,
creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the maker movement. It's a place where people
show what they are making, and share what they are learning.
We're looking for people who love to make things - whatever and whoever that might be - to get
involved in the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire this spring. If you like to tinker, invent or build this
is a chance for you to show off your work and meet other makers. For more information visit our
website: www.makerfaireedinburgh.com<http://www.makerfaireedinburgh.com>

Be a part of the fun

There will be workshops, talks, demonstrations and interactive shows throughout the day. If you would
like to participate in this bonanza of all things DIY have a think about what you could bring to the
fair and then fill out our online form. You can access the form on our website

Individuals, clubs, schools, small/local businesses and enthusiasts groups are all encouraged to get
involved. Please ensure there is one person who can be the main point of contact for the Mini Maker
Faire. The deadline for submissions is 1st February 2013

Tinker, tailor, homespun maker

We will be showcasing the skills and ingenuity of people from across Scotland and beyond. From
traditional crafts to innovative technologies, rapid prototyping to skills honed over many years, the
Mini Maker Faire celebrates the diversity and quality of an exciting world of resourceful, creative

Here are some examples of the kinds of things we would like to see at Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire:

Mechanics projects - Animatronics - Models - Bespoke electronics - Crocheting - 3D printing -
Toys/games - Quadcopters - Crazy bicycles - Musical instruments - Software projects - Robotics -
Board games - DIY bio - Open source mapping - Small scale wind turbines - Recycled arts - Home grown
apps - Blacksmithing - Boot-making - Kitchen chemistry - Wearable technologies - Haptics - Pedal
powered tech - Sustainable design - Puppetry - Science demos - Creative foods

If you want to get involved have a think of what you could bring along and fill in the form

Happy tinkering!

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