MEADOWS FEST! (1st and 2nd of June)

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MEADOWS FEST! (1st and 2nd of June)

Post by Danni » Sun May 05, 2013 11:56 pm

At Meadows Fest The Forest are going to have a bar tent with space for added funstuffs and a smaller tent with space for a workshop.

There will also be the outdoor area around these tents for other hijinx!

So far planned things what are hopefully going to happen are:

Box Wars - person making it happen tbc
Book Making and more (?) in the workshop tent - Brittonie
Viking Chess - Swithun
Free shop and Trashion Show - Danni

Please can anyone already planning these goings on, or anyone else who wants to get involved or may be able to help with any aspect please get involved in the bb discussions on plans.

We could do with each above activity/thing having a regular update on progress and any help needed with preparations so others can get involved as and when required.

Of course if no help is required and all prep is running smoothly that will also be welcome news! :)

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