Building Days

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Building Days

Post by Stephen » Fri Aug 02, 2013 11:46 am

The festival is here again!

I say ignorance is bliss if you want to come and put your fingers in your ears with me then all next week will be building and making pretty days at ForestCentrePlus.

Monday 5th

we will finish of the gallery walls and start painting them.
Bring old clothes and your bleary weekend eyes, either bleary from to much juice or to much art. There will be no art or beer here come and detox.

Tuesday 6th

We will make our dance rehearsal space beautiful by putting up mirrors and possibly some painting. All volunteers who help will get one free hour in the space when finished. How about that for a payback promotion.

Thursday 8th and Friday 9th

Our full frontal looks a bit scrappy just now, we will paint walls, make signs, and have good tidy up. We will also help the hairdressers move in to the new snip and sip and hopefully see some progress on our museum of curios.

If you would lke to come to any of these we will meet each morning at 10am at 38 castle terrace. There will be a buzzer for you to press or if you can only come later. Also if you need more info or want to recommend festival shows or just have a need to feel more connected to other Humans/organisational entities through electronic means then do email us

love ya

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