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About the Edinburgh Fortean Group

Postby aliendave » Sat Jun 10, 2006 5:48 pm

Anna, presumably Gibson, was expressing interest in the fact that such a thing as an Edinburgh Fortean Group exists, and of course how many people know what that is? during a volunteer shift with me, Alien Dave, who cannot be at the coming group meeting.
Anyway, the organiser, Gordon Rutter, will very soon be informing local Forteans, via his list, of what speaker they have hired for the coming Tuesday night, and the subject of the talk.
To become regularly informed email gordon@gordonrutter.com

At present this is the 2nd Tuesday of each month except during August,
at 8.30 p.m.
and is normally held, free, in the function room of the Canon's Gait bar, just past the Mexican restaurant half-way down the Royal Mile/High Street/Canongate, it's not good that we have a street that has three different names but presumably you'll figure out which one it is, leading down to Holyrood Palace, you know?
Better to be earlyish if you want to take advantage of the unusual conversation, 'tis once a month after all.
The bar is CAMRA friendly, certain people will inform you of what that means,
so it's kind of quasi-ethical. And remember everybody else is probably paying quite a bit for the use of that function room, so it's quite nice of them let us have it for nothing. The function room has toilets, which I only noticed after about three visits to it, so I realised I hadn't needed to traipse up and down the stairs to use the customers' lavatories.
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