Socks & Squares collection at Forest

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Socks & Squares collection at Forest

Post by katymac » Thu Sep 24, 2015 7:51 pm

Forest friends - we are collecting socks & granny squares (crochet or knitted) at the cafe, in support of CalAid.

You should know that we are not CalAid, their JustGiving page is here: and the CalAid Facebook page ... 0/?fref=ts has up-to-date information on how to donate directly to them.
Only socks & squares donations should go to Forest.

Quoting Erica Brooks now...
Our original idea was a granny square drive, thinking there might be quite a lot of interest amongst crafters eager to help as the weather gets colder in Calais. And there was!
But then a kind and practical soul pointed out that this isn't the *most* efficient way to collect much-needed items, and that it might do a bit more good to just buy a pack of socks.
Socks, it turns out, are a permanent and urgent need in the refugee camps. This is a problem homeless shelters have faced for years - people think of hats and scarves and coats and blankets. But since feet are hidden away from view, nobody thinks to donate socks.
So here we are. We love the idea of sending along a personal touch, to give something that took a bit of time and effort and care. But we're also glad to be sending along some nice, warm socks. Just in case nobody else thinks to do that.

We'll get together at the Forest on the Craftivism nights every second Friday to sew the squares together. Volunteers very welcome.
Socks & Squares Facebook group is here:

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