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Minutes from meeting Monday 15th 5pm

Present: Bill, Lena, Kate, Alice, Chris, Jessie, Greg

Agenda: 1. Mission Statement
2. What next?
3. Press
4. Security/ Accessability
5. expanding the group

1. Mission Statement

Words such as 'accessible' 'free space' 'contemporary' 'artist run' 'not for profit' were bandyed about. 'intelligent art' was sneered at. Jessie suggested looking at other gallery's statements.

Action:discussion will be continued on the BB (here)

2.What's next?

Next exhibition is on the 10th of February.
Gallery needs tidy up before then.
Decided to fit in another show before February.

Action: Tidying: Wednesday 17th Jessie will hire and transport sander and bring her hoover. Chris will aquire other materials. Bill (and greg?) will sand floor from 5 alice and lena will appear at 8 and clear up and stain and polish.

bill will find boards for the shelf under the window.
greg will bring polyfiller
chris will fix cupboard doors and lights (and find dummy camera as real one doesn't look real enough)
Kate and Alice will sort cupboards and attic space on thurs 25th at 10am


Fitting in another exhibition: people will have proposals ready by Wednesday 24th

3. Press

we need a comprehensive list of people to e-mail about things happening in the space and information about when to contact newspapers etc.

action: Alice and Jessie will compile something


Security camera needs to be scary. Alice suggested putting doors on the gallery. People thought this may restrict accessability but also that it could then be up to the artist when to close those doors and gives the possability that the space could be invidulated.
action: Alice will mention it to Forest Working Group and report back

5. Expanding the group

action: everyone will mention group to people who may be interested

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