Table-top design

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Table-top design

Postby danny » Tue Feb 20, 2007 2:45 am

Is it cool if I do something with one of the tables? Either a rectangular one in the main room or a square one in the red room.
I'm into the idea of letting the idea for what the design is, grow out of the Forest by adding bits of imagery ( drawings/bits of writing/collage/paint/whatever ) as and when I feel like. I'm hoping doing most of the work in the and having the freedom to do this as and when will make it easier to collaborate with people who happen to come by and give it a nice warm Foresty feel. I'm hoping that another art project will grow from this somehow.
My tin of varnish says it dries in twenty minutes, so as long as I stick with the table for twenty minutes after I finish or a leave a large clear "this table has varnish drying on it, do not touch" sign it will be cool. I'll post this on the front of house section too.

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