Meeting thurs 1st minutes

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Meeting thurs 1st minutes

Postby alice » Fri Mar 02, 2007 1:30 pm

on the agenda:

1.James' photowall
2.Mural for the cafe
3.Toilet design to deal with proposals/what to do when jo finishes curatorship
6.monthly meeting amelioration
9.golden room photos
10.festival in cramond

(not tackled in this order)

1.James will create a space for people to put their pictures up in the gold room with a possible theme of 'public spaces'. He will run this by the front of house and possibly contain the photos in a masking tape 'frame'

2.Jessie will make a poster calling for Mural Ideas. The deadline will be 15th March when we will Meet and discuss. Bill will put a box on the mural wall for submissions.

3.we all like the idea of painting the inside cubicles with blackbord paint and getting a graffiti artist for the rest. Get in touch with shannon about this.

4.Alice will find out exactly when Jo has booked the gallery until.
After some discussion we came up with a system for deciding on exhibitions:

Submissions will be looked at by anyone interested at the end of working group meetings. A decision will be made by the group but this will be 'non democratic' so if someone is really really excited about the work and everyone else isn't very keen, we still accept. The working group can also decide to ask the artist to meet them to explain more. If someone has an idea for several exhibitions (say, they want to put on 5 artists with a simmilar theme one after the other) they can also submit a proposal to the working group asking to be able to curate for the time they need. This will be treated simmilarly to an exhibition proposal.

There will be a box in the cafe for submissions (we will re use mural box)

bill will write a standard rejection letter. He is very excited about this.

5. responsabilities. see next post. In order to increase environmental freindliness(one of our responsabilities), chara will see about energy saving bulbs and jessie will ask about friendly paint prices.

6.There will be a meeting on the last thursday of each month at 6 in the gallery FOR EVER.

7.Bill will think about planks on the shelf under the window. Group takes responsability for clearing up the gallery when they are in the cafe. Alice will work with Jessie on turning some blinds into doors. The gallery looks amazing it was decided by all.

8.publicity. Alice will e-mail pogo and get him to meet us on the 15th after the mural meeting to explain about websites. Everything should then go on the website.
all events must be put in the events book which is behind the cafe counter.
they should also be mailed out in press releases.
we will all talk to graphic designers about poster design (particularly chara)

9.Golden room photos. Alice will e-mail the woman they belong to.

10. Alice will put up posters about putting art on cramond island on the 26th may. We will meet to dicuss ideas on the 22nd March at 6pm.

11. we will bring beer to the next meeting.

gooness me what a lot. well done everybody

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