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Postby alice » Fri Mar 02, 2007 1:40 pm

We decided to have a detailed list of responsabilities asside from the mission statement. Here they are so far:


1. We will publicise the space and events. There will be a visible box in the cafe for submissions.
2. There will be a discussion about every exhibition. The artist may or may not attend.
3. There must be some writing somewhere in the gallery about the work. If the artist doesn't want to do it they surrender themselves to being reviewed by Ryan.
4. We will try for closing parties not opening parties
5. we will try to have a night for a performance piece in between exhibitions.


1. We will try to support the artists by using the monthly budget on exhibitions and the yearly one on other things.
2. the monthly budget rolls over every month so it's worth trying to save.
3. All spending will be written down in the red book.
4. 30 pounds of the budget can go to artists expenses(travel etc.). They can spend 10 of this on booze for thier opening party if they like.


1. Publicity: will be kept on the web as much as possible. Posters will be small and printed on the back of things but still lovely to look at.
2. we will try to be as low impact as possible.
3. We will try to get energy saving light bulbs
4. Eco paint will be used where possible (it is worth spending a little more on this)

There is probably more to add. post ideas xx

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