communique for the visuals x

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communique for the visuals x

Postby bill » Thu Jul 26, 2007 6:36 pm

recently and excitingly, i declared my self an autonomous zone in rebellion from our capitalist repressors, since then i have been jailed, yet, due to a complicated by-law declaring ones own body as a different country incurs a certain amount of difficulty for our friends the polluce. everytime they move me from cell to cell, prison to prison, difficult negotaions have to take place with the changed boundaries, maps have to be reprinted etc etc i cannot be with you today! perhaps when i am free we shall enjoy laborious meetings discussing the finer points of what colour or colours to paint wood in our collective uncontrollable waste of time and resources.

secondly i would like to welcome all those who came last month and this month and still have had not had the unpleasant business of meeting me. obviously i am busy and sorry about this, and urge you to hang on in there the working group is not usually this disfuntional...........errm my atorny says i'll be on bail in a few weeks so see you then hopefully

until then i hope you all are able to meet our comrade philip ewe in his shameless adventures against tedious art; talk to him, rib him etc

still to do;

sort through an enormous amount of submissions both the hard (and i mean HARD) submissions which can be located in the tk pigeon hole and the email ones. if you wish to look at these phone me on 07708804906 and i will let you in.

whos knows about good lights for galleries?research into these?

what about some black out curtains for the gallery?is that good?

any more?

if you like bring all your amazing creative friends to forest until we are art.

always x

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Postby stephengoodall » Wed Aug 08, 2007 9:49 pm

well i picked up the HARD copy apps today, will try to arrange a suitable time with martin to give them a look over.

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