visionary submissions of texts on artist initiated actvity

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visionary submissions of texts on artist initiated actvity

Postby martinmckenna » Wed Sep 26, 2007 11:12 pm

hello folks

heres a project for us , relates to the ongoing discussion within the visual arts group about our mission but also the forest as a whole .

I was thinking we could brainstorm in this thread , then compile all the artifacts into a bit of text or alternately write your own ! their has already been a few threads on this

and here

the web site for the book is

decentre is a book about artist-run culture that hopes to describe the breadth and quality of artist-initiated programs, projects and events, the issues we face in this milieu and how effectively we deal with them, that aims to both celebrate artist-run culture and demonstrate the vital role artist-initiated activity plays in the larger cultural scene.

A group of us working in the artist-run milieu have instigated what we hope will become a wide-ranging discussion about artist-run culture. Texts from individuals such as yourself for publication in a book are one component. There are other ways too for you and others to participate, listed below.

Below are a few questions that we hope might stimulate or help to focus your thinking:

1. What interests you most about artist-run culture today?

2. What is the most innovative program or event you have seen lately?

3. What is the greatest challenge facing the artist-run milieu today?

4. Has the concept of "artist-run" outlived its usefulness? If not, why not?

5. Where does the real strength of artist-run culture lie?

6. How does artist-run culture affect the larger cultural sphere?

We invite you to participate:

Send a short text (300 words) with your ideas, vision for the future, anecdote or musing by email.

and heres the email from them

hi Martin,
nice elliptical way to hear from you.

not sure what's up with that email address, will have to check it

short submissions of visionary, critical texts on the concept/future of artist-initiated actvity would be welcome
about 300 words

I'm running off just now, back Tues.

deadline is Oct. 25th but sooner is always better


so let the fun begin

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