Free shop moving

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Free shop moving

Postby Chacha » Mon Dec 08, 2008 6:34 pm

I would like just to inform you that I will not have time to move the free shop before January. I tried to do my best even if I totally disagree to move the free Shop into the shop, but since two weeks moving the free shop in the shop seems just impossible. We were supposed to do that on the building day but no body was there to helping me, I had other plan but I was waiting all the day to see the people who really want to move this free shop. The strange fact is that I still don't know really who want to do that because every people around me seems totally annoyed by this decision.
Then Nix remembered me on Sunday 7th December that I have to move the free shop as soon as possible, we had a big discussion about that. I told him that I can not move the free shop without to created a good space for that before in the shop. Alex explained that an EVS from the university would like to help me to build some shelf. So according with Nix who called this guy that I have to build the shelf on Monday then moved the free shop this week. Unfortunately the information was wrong and the guy today (Monday) was not free, he will be free only next week and I will be in France so now I suggest you to wait January to moved this free shop. Because I wanted to move the free shop in the cupboard upstairs today and put the old shelf in a corner in the shop for this guy but lot of people today were really sad about the idea that the free shop will disappear for one week.
I'm surprised because I'm the Shop Manager as every one knows but no one after the Forest Working Group meeting told me (except James who doesn't remember every thing, I mean he seems confused because he can not really telling me who agreed or who doesn't with this solution of putting the free shop in the shop) exactly what was the decision taking during the meeting. I made a mistake and I'm really sad to have missed this meeting, but I will be in January for the other meeting and I would like to discuss again with you to find a good place for the free shop.

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