new gallery info request

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new gallery info request

Post by Shannon » Thu Jul 17, 2008 11:54 pm

PM me for the email address. Maybe this requires general Forest finance as well? Anyone want to help them?


Amanda Dobbratz, the former Student Council president at GSA, gave me your
addresses. She and I have been working together to start a street-level,
public gallery space dedicated to GSA student and recent-grad work. The
Scottish Institute for Enterprise has recently shown a lot of interest in
our project, and we're working with them to get this off the ground. At
the moment we're putting together financial projections for the operating
costs, and to be honest we're not really very good at this sort of thing.
So I was wondering if any of you would be able to share any information at
all about your operating costs -- utilities, supplies, insurance, anything

Thanks for your time, and all the best,

Nim Wunnan

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