Calls for Submissions

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Calls for Submissions

Post by stephengoodall » Wed Dec 02, 2009 9:01 pm

I thought we could use a thread to post various calls for submissions that we become aware of- would be useful as a resource, i would wager. My apologies if such a thread already exists.

this one came through to the TK email:
Hi Total Kunst,

One year after the great success of our tram depot exhibition (kindly funded by the forest) forgotten game is preparing to strike again. I thought you might be able to send our call for submissions out on your mailing list and also thought that maybe some of you would like to be involved. Let me know if you like the sound of it.




Forgotten Game - Call for Submissions

Work wanted to exhibit on an overgrown train line at dusk. All media and methods welcome.
Please send proposals to
Deadline: 21st December.

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