Gallery shows

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Gallery shows

Post by JoJo » Sun Jun 25, 2006 5:40 pm


Also, here is the lowdown on the work thats gona be in the gallery over the next wee while.

July- What is lady cum?

An exhibition by Amy Whiten with Rosie McGurn and Lianne Bryce.

This exhibition explores female sexuality; the confusion, excitement,
curiosity and silence around it that intrigues us all. Themes we've touched on are masturbation, ejaculation and fantasy. Hopefully somewhere along the lines there'll be an answer to the question in the title.... the work will be funny, serious, dark, happy and personal.

August- ‘Nowa Huta- Unwanted Heritage’

An exhibition of Polish photographers, presenting images of Nowa Huta, the social realist suburbs of Krakow between 1950 and 1989. Depicting the beginnings of the town, and the period during martial law and Pope John Paul II.

‘Living room Banter’

focuses on the idea of discussion, contemplation, regurgitation and the source of ideas. It plays on the idea of the living room as a hub inspiration. Where ideas are thrown back and forth at each other like a furious game of table tennis. The artists chosen express the space, chaos and rapport that the arena of the living room can instigate in creating a symposium of “banter”.

'Amazon'- Eduardo Leal.

Photographs made by children in the Peruvian rainforest. By NGO worker Leal.

September- Ali Wylie. No Title as yet

Weege grafitti artist and graphic designer dude, gets roccoco on our asses
wae a gilt framed assault of high quality paintings and drawings.

October- Russell Dempster. No title as yet/b]

Hes a strange guy, his mahoosive 6ft realistic pencil drawings are stranger.
We welcome him in to share his twisted views of people and monsters and animals and the likes.

November- Paulina Sandberg. No title as yet.

Ginger and Sweedish and lovely. Wierd as fuck art installations, but.
(More inf later).

There be quite a crazy range going on, hopefully enough to whet 'obdys pallates, leaving good and bad tastes to savour.

love love, jojo.

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