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Guide p1

Post by Julie » Wed Jan 13, 2010 9:31 pm

Beginning a gig


Allow half an hour for set-up and sound check.

Turn on circuit breaker labeled “AMPS/PA” on the stage.

Whenever you turn the mixer, compressor and equalizer ON or OFF make sure that all channels, effects, FBs and masters on the mixer are muted and down, and that leads 13+14 and 15+16 in the stage-box are unplugged! If not the speakers will pop.

Once the desk, compressor and equalizer are on, plug in leads 13-16 in the stage-box

(Right now we only have one monitor - 15 or 16)

Then plug in instruments and mics.

Sound check one instrument or mic at a time first:
make the singer speak or sing like he or she would do at the concert. Press pfl on, then slowly turn the gain knob up slowly until all the green lights on the dB-meter are showing.

Then un-mute and slowly turn up the volume to rough desired level (remember all instruments and mics together will be louder).

Repeat for each...

Then make all the band play together and fine-tune and mix. You create the finished sound!

Remember the volume mustn’t go above 85 dB!

Remember to work with the band and communicate with them - it is their music that you are brining out!


Adjust volume and mix if necessary, avoid feedback.

Mute masters and FB during breaks to avoid hum.


Mute and turn down everything.

The band can now unplug their gear.

Unplug 13-16 at stage box.

Turn off mixer, EQ, compressor.

Turn of circuit breaker on stage.

Clean up after yourself: Mic-stands go on the right-hand side of the stage (facing the audience), Mics and DI-boxes go in mic-box under mixer, leads go in the drawers under mixer. Drums are arranged so they can be used for a new gig. Amps are put back near the wall. Broken stuff should be labelled and put in the “broken things box”.

Put cover on mixer!

Write if anything happened in the “Sound Team communication book”: broken things, if the band were assholes and should be barred from performing, etc.

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Re: Guide p1

Post by nix » Fri Feb 19, 2010 9:25 am

Julie wrote:Beginning a gig
(Right now we only have one monitor - 15 or 16)
not any more! now, both Warfdales can live on the stage, because we have 'Wendy' (with 1 new wedge speaker) serving as a monitor rig in the Hall.

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