meeting minutes - Thursday March 8th

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meeting minutes - Thursday March 8th

Post by Shannon » Thu Mar 08, 2007 9:24 pm

Present: Amlia, Ras and Shannon

- Spanish: Amlia is happy with how things are going. She has already booked a room with Infoseed. She now knows she can use the computer or photocopier as a resource.
- Drama & Performance: Very happy, very busy. Shannon is liaising with Emily so that everything is sorted with the hall.
- Healing: Simon's workshop is going well.
Choir: good.
- Vegan Raw Food: Next week. Shannon needs to make sure the space is sorted.
- Ras will talk to choir & yoga to try and integrate into our group, see if they need anything, tell them about the next meetings.

2. 1 Day Yoga Workshop with Lingam
March 18th, 2-5pm
- Shannon to sort out space
- Needs to be promoted within the workshop group as an event
- Promotion! Talk to Simon and Lucy. Poster, etc. Forest speaks.

- Infoseed is making us a board to publicise the workshops on.
- Shannon will chalk up events once it is made.
- Ras is talking to Pogo about workshop presence on the website.

4.Regular Meeting Time
- 2nd Thursday of each month @ 8.30pm
- 12th April, 10th May, 7th June

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