Working group meeting 13/03/07 First Meeting

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Working group meeting 13/03/07 First Meeting

Post by Georgina » Tue Mar 13, 2007 9:23 pm

Present: Ras, Kate, Blue, Kami, Georgina, Lukie, Jess

Introduction to the forest

How the forest works was explained and discussed.We also talked about the bb.
Ras stresed the importance of everyone putting their creative energies into any area of the forest they feel they can contribute to,
The Drama group is part of the forest. it is created for the foest and the forest community.
Eveyone can gain the opportunity to develop personally through this experience, whilst contributing to the collective.

The Drama and Performance is entitled to a £50 budget each month. Have not used it this far but it would be available to help expand any relevant project that is put forth.

The next meeting will be in a months time. The exact date remains to be set.

There was no more business

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