Student Awrads agency for Scotland Workshop

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Student Awrads agency for Scotland Workshop

Post by Gandhi » Wed May 09, 2007 1:58 pm

I put this post in the peoples forum as well.

Hi forest folk its Andy (Garden Andy) here.
I just wanted to put forward an idea to you.
As you are aware (or maybe not) I work for the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (please don't hate me for it!). I was thinking that, seen as the new applications are coming out (some are already out) and the fact that most of the Forest is made up of students, would a workshop (or weekly meeting) where students or prospective students come in and can talk to someone face to face (me) about funding be a good idea?
i can help fill out application forms and answer any queries for people.
I'm writing to you to get some feedback as I've never put on a workshop before. If it can even be seen as a workshop that is!
Anyways write and tell me what you think, and whether it's feesable. If so I'll set about sorting it out.
Please note that these workshops would not be a place where people can come and shout at me about funding in this country! hehe. If you want to do that write to the Scottish Ministers...they make the rules not me.
Andy Farina
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