Workshops in the Infoseed Labs

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Jay (Infoseed)
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Workshops in the Infoseed Labs

Post by Jay (Infoseed) » Sun Jun 03, 2007 11:04 pm

High all,

All workshops are welcome in the Infoseed, had a brief but really good chat with Shannonn and Sean on Friday and we hope that Infoseeders can be a little more compliant to workshops in future - we've had a a difficult period but hoping we can all pull together and offer mutual support. Infoseeders and Forest Volunteers akin.

If you have any ideas for workshops that you would like to run by us, or want to book one in please get in touch via the mailing list:

Hopefully this will help avoid clashes with other activities and help us remember to tidy-up/set-up in good time. (In theory! :P )

Best regards,

Jay :)

P.S. - Here's a couple of excerpts from recent emails giving more info on G8 support workshops/sessions this week:
> We are hoping to give the G8 protesters a bit of support for the next 10
> days or so by encouraging as many people as possible to open up the
> Infoseed as a communications hub - what do people think? Would be useful
> for preparations, emailing, video/audio editing, article writing etc. and
> as a general meeting place for media people over the protest period.
> For those that don't know where it is, Infoseed is in the basement of The
> Forest Cafe, on Bristo Place in Edinburgh. You can call us at any time or
> leave messages on 0131 2256885 or contact us via
> and details of other activities are
> posted on our website
> Our opening times are listed on our website here:
> ... eningTimes
> (Scroll down for likely opening times in the next few weeks...)
> Please feel free to forward this email on to anyone from
> Edinburgh/Scotland who you know is going to the G8 or those already out
> there, should they need a point of contact or wish to send us any juicy
> stories or titbits.
> Best regards, peace and safe protest.
> Jay :)
Other links for getting involved in protest coverage:
New Wiki:

Indymedia Sites:

Rising Tide:

If you were not able to get over to Germany here's your chance to get
Knowledge is RESPONSIBILITY, not power...

Jay (Infoseed)
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Post by Jay (Infoseed) » Tue Jun 12, 2007 9:46 pm

To lessen confusion and/or double-booking of the Infoseed check the "OpeningTimes" link via our homepage. Currently: ... eningTimes

Here also is more info on some of Infoseed's regular workshops:
Vegan Raw Food Spirtual Nutrition Workshop
Fortnightly workshop for people interested in alternative diets, nutrition and ways of living. Sample foods, discussion and info sharing. For more details contact Alan on 07917408188 or via
Next scheduled session: Wednesday 27th June 8pm
Weekly English Classes
Classes run every Tuesday from 7-9pm. For more information contact Lily on 07976464461 or via
*NEW Upcoming Activity* - Infoseed Volunteer Familiarization Sessions
Some training sessions for new and prospective Infoseed volunteers have been scheduled for anyone wishing to find out more about how the space is run and how you can get more actively involved.
Next scheduled session: To be arranged
UPDATE: Recent sessions were not well attended, the next sessions are scheduled as above, but if people would like one sooner please get in touch via the Infoseed discussion list -
Recent Event held in the Forest Cafe and Infoseed - Climate Action Gathering (17th March)
A one-day workshop was held in March to draw together activists and researchers with a focus to take action on climate issues, projects and protests. ... 7March2007
Reclaim Your Computer!
Wednesdays 4-8pm: regular Linux and Free Software drop-in workshop at Infoseed.
Reclaim Your Computer's regular session has been suspended for now :( If you're looking for help with or looking to learn about free software, please join the Infoseed mailing list (above) and let us know who you are and what you're interested in learning. Once we have a few people looking for help, we will arrange a workshop...'

Ready and willing geeks will be here to help you install a Linux-based operating system on your computer or laptop, help you fix problems, give you demonstrations and tutorials, basically anything to do with Free Software. Drop in, ask us questions, bring your computer!

We can also teach you what we know about making websites, computer programming and building computers.

We can open by arrangement, and there are occasional workshops on various topics.
Dorkbot Electronics Tinkering Workshop
Second Tuesday of every month at 7pm in Infoseed, hardware and electronics tinkering workshop. ''Next scheduled meetings'' 10th July, 9th August

Ever had an idea for a clever gadget or contraption, but not known how to start building it? Want to learn more about hardware and electronics? Got some interesting parts you pulled out of a skip years ago thinking they might be useful? Or maybe you're already a well-established basement inventor, and want to help teach others?

Then come along. More information at
Hope this is of help... :)
Knowledge is RESPONSIBILITY, not power...

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