Creative Protest with Plastic Bags!

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Creative Protest with Plastic Bags!

Post by whereismavis » Mon Jul 21, 2008 11:59 am

+++A plastic bag a day keeps business in pay+++

Why am I writing to you?

I'm looking for other people on the same wavelength as me who want to get involved with a plastic bag-related project in any way they can. If you've got a quirky sense of humour, enjoy making things with your hands, like performing or feel inspired to contribute and realise your own ideas after reading this mail etc. then please help!

The issue: Too many plastic bags!

Having lived in Germany for the last few years where I'm studying art, I've been back visiting Scotland for a couple of weeks and was shocked at how prevalent the use of plastic bags still is here. Almost everyone is still accepting new ones to carry their groceries in from the shop. This has to stop! Though it is superficially commendable that supermarkets are offering clubcard points to try and persuade you to stop using them that isn't solving the problem and is avoiding the issue at hand!

The plan: Positive protest to create awareness of the issue!

If you package protest in a positive way, people tend to laugh at first instead of getting aggro/switching off and because of the surprise effect they are startled into thinking about what you're saying too. With this in mind, I'd like us to create plastic bag sculptures/clothing/whatever and then use them for an art performance a.k.a. demo in appreciation of plastic bags. I can't wait to parade through the street calling passers-by to help save the sadly endangered plastic bag, a much-loved part of our (consumerist) culture!

Other ideas which may be cool if there's time: plastic bag photo love-story, organising a plastic bag amnesty where people can bring in their old bags without fear of prosecution, foundation of the International Plastic Bag Preservation Society and call for members at opening event, involving local media in call for donations...

When? How? What? Where?

If you're interested in helping out please come to the Forest on Friday 25th July at 6 p.m. so we can talk about the possibilities and see what the initial interest is like. I'll be sitting next to a plastic bag collection so you can't miss me!

The actual week of putting our ideas into action would be from ca. August 7th to 15th with the demo on the last day.

If you can't come on Friday but are willing/desperate to help out in August, please send me a mail so I know you're interested and I'll send you what we discussed and decided to do so you're still kept informed.

Am looking forward to meeting other plastic bag fans!



contact: 0784 220 4734 or

please note: I'm offline in the Highlands until Friday morning so can't answer any enquiries before then.

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