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Post by Jane » Tue Feb 27, 2007 1:49 pm

remember at the meeting we said we would help people make books in our basement and i made posters? well, i got an email from a girl called freya:


I saw the poster about the publishing press in the cafe. I have a kind of book that i've written and i was just wondering what the protocol is. Should I send you an excerpt or the whole thing or what? Perhaps we could meet up at the cafe at some point and have a chat? It's a collection of short stories and poems and autobiographical stories with a kind of a through running theme.



i said email me some excerpts so i could show you all so here it is attached....
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Post by ravanwin » Tue Feb 27, 2007 5:49 pm


on first glance I am not in love with the work but I am keen to support this. I think, however, in terms of quality control we need to come up with a soloution so that books that are made this way are not officially part of what i'd consider the forest press "cannon".... so, should we note on the book, "self published with the assistance of the forest press" or label the books, "forest free press" or something like that to diferentiate?

or should we not bother with this malarky and only help publish things we are in love with.

also, i feel a limit is necessary. Say, no more than 20 pages, no more than 30 copies... shall we put this on the agenda for tuesday?


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