minutes from april meeting!

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minutes from april meeting!

Postby ravanwin » Tue Apr 10, 2007 2:54 pm

Publishing and Library:

Danielle, Nick, Ben Lancaster, Jason Morton, Ryan, Gareth

1) editor?
2) Size and selection // “no?”
3) design and layout
4) introduction?
5) Promotion / marketing?
6) Submit relauch and tasks for it / business / logo / cards / competition and launch
7) Golden hour music / cd
8) Distribution and promotion of Submit and Golden Hour
9) Submit website

Action repermand: nick… needs to get quotes. And poster for submit.

ACTION: Jason will get Ryan contact info of the press. May outsource to Bosnia? Nick will follow up again. Ryan will call PACE print again! Will call on Monday.

Who is the editor and who decides:
a. Should be consensus.
b. No rewrites. Bad = bad.
c. Nick and ryan are “heads” of the selection of committee
d. Will separate all material into good / medium / poor
e. Final answer: who is in charge here: nick, ryan, Danielle, ben and Jason.
f. US: should submissions be anon. (no?) will we hurt ourselves?
g. The goal should be to publish the best possible book.
h. Size could increase.

2) design and layout:
a. magda has the cover.
b. Black and white all over.
c. Should it be more than one color?
d. Matt
e. Action: Jason will be designer. Needs copy of indesign for the Mac.
f. Action: Ryan will get from pogo.
g. Action: Jason will create a font list for us.
h. Action: Nick to inform Magda must DO a wrap-around but with space for Text and isbn number. And we would like each artist to have their own “insignia” or “wall paper” / also a G.H. logo would be needed. (something that can reduce well and be intergrated into text.) / maybe a flip book on corner /
i. Logo / insignia needed for first page.

3) Introduction?
a. Needed? --- yes. “what’s happening here.” One page / half page.
b. Action: Danielle to do a rough intro or 2 and we will attempt to group edit if necessary.

4) Promotion and Marketing:
a. Danielle suggests strippers. We agree, but it may hurt our budget.
b. Book Festival / Scottish Poetry Library / Waterstones / Wordpower
i. Action: Danielle to ask jamieson for contacts re: book fest as well as SPL.
ii. Action: Nick to forward e-mail to Danielle re SPL.
iii. Action: I’ll contact Gow re: waterstones.
c. Postcards / Posters:
i. We will make postcards and posters for HYPE.
ii. Hopefully will promote evers at SPL, Forest and Waterstones and The Library.
iii. Action: Nick to contact the Library.

5) SUBMIT relaunch:
a. It must be amazing and should be professional and good looking
b. Action: ben to suss out ISSN and ISBN
c. Ryan: to e-mail re: flash fiction and to find out costs of cards.
e. http://www.theforest.org.uk/submit will be website. Action: pogo, please make a work in progress for it…
f. Action: Priority // Logos. Jason and Tony and Maybe Pogo? Put out to the Forest Thing. May. 20th. Deadline!

The Forest BB:
Register and Gareth will get you on the ball.

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