Golden Hour Book Costs

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Golden Hour Book Costs

Post by ravanwin » Fri Apr 13, 2007 12:04 pm

500 copies: £968.75

Budget Costings – The Golden Hour

Quantity: Approx 500 copies

Finished Size: 245mm x 168mm portrait, bled as necessary

Extent: 96 pages text plus cover

Material: Cover : 200gsm Woodfree Silk/Matt Coated Art Board ….

as preferred ?

Text : Matching 90gsm Stock


Costs allowed are those ruling as at today’s date

Origination: You to supply complete artwork in correctly formatted PC/MAC based (preferably Quark /In Design) final print ready PDF files, requiring no further modifications for processing, on CD or via Email/ISDN/FTP, to our specifications (downloadable from web site below), suitable CTP workflow output, plus clean hard copy dummy and all fonts required ; we electronically assemble suit our own imposition, show one set low resolution digital plotter proofs (confirm correct file reading – not colour accurate), make plates only

Machining: Perfected by sheetfed offset litho (x B1 press in maximum thirty two page sections) as follows –

Cover : Black or single Pantone colour both sides … assumed not

heavy solid as no additional varnish or lamination included

prevent possible rubbing or marking etc

Text : Black only throughout …. assuming an overall average

70 - 80% ink coverage ?


Binding: Guillotine sections as necessary, fold, gather, perfect bind, crease and draw on cover along spine with 6mm side hinge, trim flush ; turn and pack in uniform shrink wrapped bundles (x 25 copies), clearly label one end each identify contents, palletise with adequate protection around

Delivery: One address Edinburgh area (by overnight carrier)

Schedule: To be agreed solely dependent upon capacity available at time any

(Aug/Sept ’07) subsequent contract/order placed with

Price(s): Subject sight actual copy/files etc -

(Labour element

only – guaranteed 500 copies : Circa £968.75

hold firm until

30/9/07) 100 run on approx £43.75 – subject final print run


Extras: (i) For second spot colour on cover –

500 copies : £31.25 zv

100 run on … F/O/C

2. Affix CD provided with single low tack hot melt glue spot to

inside of cover (front of back) –

500 copies : £62.50 + VAT

100 run on … £12.50 + VAT

Terms: To be agreed

(Subject To


This estimate is based on your specifications and any change in these requirements may automatically affect the price quoted.

Finally we trust the above meets with your approval and look forward to receiving your further instructions ?

Yours sincerely,


Managing Director



c/o The Forest

3 Bristo Place. No 1561


Attn : Mr R. Van Winkle 11th April 2007

Dear Ryan,

We thank you for your recent enquiry, and now have pleasure in submitting our quotation in accordance with the Standard Terms & Conditions Sale set out overleaf.

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Post by beev » Sat Apr 14, 2007 2:00 am

I'm sure they would make a very nice book. Personally, I'd prefer if we spent the money on a very nice photocopier and make this kind of stuff ourselves, in full colour. If we wait a bit for the charity application to come through, we should be able to get a healthy discount on a new copier which should bring it into the realm of affordability.

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Post by ravanwin » Sat Apr 14, 2007 9:25 am

true. but it won't manage this kind of thing.

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Post by beev » Sun Apr 15, 2007 11:02 am

How much of a departure is this from the forest diy ethos? Do we really want to pay so much money to some printing company? Surely the work should speak for itself, regardless of whether or not it is presented on fancy paper with special binding. Surely we should be looking to produce as much as possible in-house, whether it's books, cds, videos, whatever.

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Post by swithun » Sun Apr 15, 2007 11:22 am

Maybe we could take the whopping profit from the long awaited Golden Shour publication and plough it back into a new colour photocopier. I'm in favour of doing things ourselves, but one thing to think about is that with a nicer looking product, even if it costs more to make, we could still get a higher profit margin if we can sell it for more.

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Post by Jane » Sun Apr 15, 2007 12:01 pm

I agree. It's like the difference between us copying CDs on the computer and writing "Forest Records" on them in pen, vs getting a proper vinyl made.

With a professional looking product, we can sell it and market it and get an ISBN and actually have produced a real book, instead of a fanzine/pamphlet.

If we do that, it's likely we can then get a SAC grant which will pay for any future things or for a new photocopier. It's an investment. PLus, it will be amazingly cool.

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Post by ravanwin » Tue Apr 17, 2007 7:29 pm


Forest Press
3 Bristo Place
TPS 246 x 171 EXTENT: 96pp + Cover
TEXT : From your press ready locked files supplied (PDF files preferred) we to output direct to plate
and print in black ink throughout. (Postscripting of document files will be charged extra).
Proofs are available on request at an extra charge.
PAPER : Material supplied by Cromwell, Arctic Volume 90gsm, sheet size 720 x 1020mm.
Bleeds allowed for on this sheet size.
COVER : From your fully formatted postscript disc supplied with all scans in position (any further input
required from you will be charged extra), we to output digital proof. On approval print in 1 pantone
colours on pp's 1 & 4, on our stock 260gsm one sided Artboard and matt laminate outers only.
MATT LAMINATE - we draw your attention to the fact that matt laminate marks readily due to its soft surface,
which becomes visible on dark backgrounds.
BINDING : Fold in 32's, gather, unsewn burst limp bind, draw on cover, side glue with 6mm hinge,
trim to size. Pack in cartons.
DELIVERY : To one UK address + advances up to 15 copies.
Delivery costs within estimate are on next day service to England, Wales and Central Scotland.
Specific requests for AM and 10AM deliveries may carry a one off charge of £24.00 and £38.00 respectively.
PRICES: Copies 300 £851.00 Copies 500 £936.00
Copies 1000 £1146.00
Run on 100 £63.00
COVER : To print additional colour on pp's 1 & 4:
PRICES: Copies 300 £47.00 Copies 500 £49.00
Copies 1000 £54.00
Run on 100 £1.00
Please note: We are unable to produce CD's but if supplied complete in self adhesive plastic wallet, we can
affix to inside back cover at £10/100 copies pro rata.
We thank you for your recent enquiry and take pleasure in submitting our estimate as follows:-
Ryan Van Winkle
S / JEstimate No. T
Tel 01225 711400
Fax 01225 711429
Yours sincerely
Peter Holloway
Cromwell Press Ltd Aintree Avenue
White Horse Business Park Trowbridge
Wiltshire BA14 OXB
Payment: Existing authorised payment terms will apply to this estimate. Where no such authorisation exists, payment terms must be agreed
with the Company prior to commencement of the order. If this estimate is acceptable, please advise us in writing.
Prices are subject to sight of CRC, transparencies and discs conforming to Adobe standard and passing a pre-flight test. It is assumed that all
fonts and graphics are integral to any files supplied. Delivery assumes pallet handling & articulated vehicle access will be available - extra charges
incurred if an alternative vehicle or extra handling is required. Material prices are subject to trade increases. Prices are firm for labour content
for 90 days . VAT to be charged where applicable. Terms and conditions are available on request.

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