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Post by Jane » Thu Sep 06, 2007 7:09 pm

Forest Publishing

Present: Ryan, Jane, Jason and Nick (Shannon on minutes)

1. Updates
2. Future Promotion of Golden Hour book
- press
3. Future publications
4. Golden Hour September


- Morton says: we're on Amazon text and image - image not showing up on the listings, but on the page it does. Creepy. He will try to do something about it.
- Nick likes Shannon's outfit.
- Morton got letter from Scottish Book Trust - they may or may not help us out. Action: Jason will send them a copy of the book
- Jason has more generic letters to send out to reviewers & names of some of the reviewers
- There is an interview with Ryan on Textualities.net
- Ryan has sent a copy of the book to AK Press - hopefully we will make it into the January catalogue and they will distribute it nationally
- No money from Blackwells or Word Power yet - won't hear for a little while
- No word yet on the September reading at the university - probably not possible - Morton will push Jameson on it - Ryan has been invited to the induction day
- Ryan and Gareth have meeting with Scottish Arts Council on September 11th
- We are in Analog

2. Where to send copies of the book:
- The List
- Scotsman (stuart.kelly@scotlandonsunday.com)
- The Herald
- Evening News
- Skinny
- National Poetry Library
- National Library Scotland
- Scottish Review of Books
- Chapman
- Magma
- more as we manage to think of them…

Shannon has left to take over from the scabies….

Jane and Jason will meet on Saturday noon to send out copies.

Add:: even if you can’t review it, will you add a press release in your magazine please?
Website address for the book should be on the letter.

Jane will post this list on the BB and Ryan will let us know who he has personal details for. On those letters we will use the good name of Van Winkle.

Can we get people to review the book online?

Everyone get their friends and family to make us sound good.
Everyone will email their entire Facebook army and get them to buy the book.
Ryan will email everyone on the Forest Facebook.
Jane will talk to Cam about stocking in the shop/other Glasgow places
Nick will talk to Matthew about stocking in Bristol
Jane will talk to Aaron about Dundonia
Nick will talk to Dirk about Berlin

Oxford: they will give us 5 minutes in September or October, Ryan is going down. Maybe we will get some time in March, if he makes good friends.

3. Future Publication

Submit magazine.

The guy in Wordpower, called George-or-something, said Wordpower could get us some big names to go in our magazine. It would make us sellable.
ACTIONS: Nick will set up a meeting with them in early October when Ryan gets back from Oxford.
Jason will send another copy of that poster for proofing
Ryan will put the Submit subscriptions in the shop. £15 a year.
Jane will bump the manifesto.
Ryan will start begging for flash fiction postcards.

We’ll have a meeting in October. We’ll think about who we want to do things. This will be done on the Forest BB. http://www.theforest.org.uk/bb

Update….we have sold 41 copies, oh oh yes.
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Post by ravanwin » Fri Sep 07, 2007 12:19 pm

- i know keir hind at the skinny

- the SCOTLAND ON SUNDAY is Stuart Kelly

- Joy Hendry runs Chapman

That's about all I kind of know.

I sent stuff to the edinbuirgh review already.

also, use my name with keir but my name isn't mud to stu kelly or joy... for what it's worth.

however, in the letter, i'd mention successfull events at word power and blackwells to make us sound less forest and more real.

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