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Post by ravanwin » Wed May 21, 2008 4:39 pm

Hi again to my gig-going email list, happy summers to one and all!!

Let me know if you wish to have your recordings uploaded to a new way of downloading music on-line.

It is a great, great value subscription service to be comprehensively advertised monthly via The Skinny magazine.

My aim is to compile ten top quality tracks per month for downloading at great value to the customer. This will rely on my knowing who's recording in the area/nationally at any one time. This is so I can get tracks off you and make them available to subscribers to help you publicise your releases online.

You will be paid for every download that people make of your track without signing any rights to us, and can remove your track from the site at any point of your choosing.

The only catch, which is as it should be for a music service, is that your music is selected for this privilege.

So without further ado, to have a chance of being up on the site at launch, please submit any mp3s to me (that you have not already put up on myspace) so we can have a listen. If you have recently posted tracks on myspace and take them down before sending to me I may never know (in fact you can submit whatever you are proud of - but if it's on myspace when it reaches me it is much less likely to be chosen).

Include with your submission any plans for your release or an ideal scenario for you when collaborating with us, as we can work together to make the service work as well as possible for you in terms of when your release launch night is etc.

The deadline for launch tracks is June 1st, but even if you only have tracks ready after that, make sure they still get to me for consideration for a future month.

A final note is that more than ten tracks will be put up at the launch so fortune will favour the early birds!!

To all non-musos - thanks for reading if you got this far. Please pass this on to the bands and musicians you know and love so that they can get in touch with their wares.



P.S. The next Pearly Doors gig is May 31st at the recently re-acousticified Hive (Niddry St) featuring 4 of the city's finest: Sara and the Snakes, Delta Mainline, Action Group and The Byrons. Tickets available in advance from Ripping Record South bridge (£5) or from me in person for (£4). Hope to see some of you there! (Flyers attached, feel free to send around [you'll be glad I'm not in charge of graphics for!])

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