Meeting 11th Feb

Records, publishing, shop etc.
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Meeting 11th Feb

Post by Chacha » Wed Feb 11, 2009 4:58 pm

Chacha, Nix, Cyrielle, Marian, Ida


Shop Layout
New Shop Manager
Snip and Sip

Take down Christmas baubles
Make new screen printing stuff - speak to Alan
Calendar - AP Nerea and Emi to cost project

Shop layout
Buy new chains - Murrays Tools on Morrison st and brass hooks - AP Chacha
Glue shelves and glue lights in cabinets
Make new display for books etc - AP Nix

Big beautiful sign in cafe - AP Cyrielle and Marian
Redo flyer and poster - AP Chacha
Do board on street - AP Chacha

New shop manager
Needed in two weeks
Taskin and Ida interested
Discuss at BTS meeting
Can two do it?¿

Snip and Sip
Nix to speak to Magda about redoing agreement
If no volunteer in shop please close door etc.
Also work together on promotion etc...

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Re: Meeting 11th Feb

Post by nix » Sat Feb 14, 2009 5:20 pm

I have spoken to Magda.

she is cool with not operating outside opening hours.
she requests that the shop staff do actually turn up for their shifts on time and open the shop during advertised hours.

A personal crisis in her life, means she is away for the next while. due to this we did not renew the agreement formally. at the moment she is paying 20% of her takings to Forest. She will keep us informed as to any changes, but she would like to keep up the salon after her return.

She is willing to help with promotion and advertising.

She would like to be the shop manager form April.



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Re: Meeting 11th Feb

Post by ravanwin » Mon Feb 16, 2009 11:04 am

why can't magda be in the shop when there is no volunteer. has something happened?

seems a bit harsh. it is her business after all and we probably make more extra cash from her than from selling tshirts ...

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