SHOP - new season

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SHOP - new season

Post by Ida » Tue Mar 10, 2009 4:49 pm

The shop is restarting. we need all your ideas and actions.
tomorrow we have a meeting 3.30 in the SHOP, if you can't make it write your ideas down HERE.
Somethings are going to change in the shop, basically we are gonna return somethings that really dont sell, try to get cooler things,
make more promotion, make little shop business cards, a new sign outside, and and and...
From now on all the SHOP profits (by the way: should we raise the percentage taken up to 30?) go to the BEhind the Scenes budget
and in return the SHop should get some money (We are going to keep the amount as small as possible but I think will need something to make things happen)
, how much can be decided at the next BHS meeting??!? Please come and talk,
xxx ida

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Re: SHOP - new season

Post by thehemulen » Wed Mar 11, 2009 3:44 pm

my suggestion: forest should have a good functional online shop. last time i tested doesnt work at all. hope the web wg will be represented at the shop meeting? this is the future after all, people should have the option to, when they get home, think - hey, that _____ i saw in the forest shop looked cool - and buy it via the web. could be a much needed source of revenue for the the forest?
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Re: SHOP - new season

Post by Ida » Wed Mar 11, 2009 11:38 pm

Shop Meeting Minutes

Present – Ida, Tove, Ilaria, Taskin, Nix, Emma, Magda, Suzanna and Mik

1.Display and Stock

We discussed the current stock – what is selling, what's not and sourcing new products and the need to change our stock to have items that sell well.

We discussed different uses of the shop including services such as massage, tarot reading and food co-operatives. Agreed not to take forward food ideas however will look into the massage possibilities.

Magda raised importance of people working in the shop talking with customers and actively selling. All shop volunteers should be trained to do this.

It was discussed having a to do list of tasks that volunteers can action during their shifts. All agreed this would be a good idea.

Nix brought up labelling and stressed that zines, books and records should not be labelled. Use the soft pencil for books!


Ida will go through all stock lists for last 3 months and analyse what is selling well and what's not.
Ida will source new artists
Ida will visit other shops to research ideas for layout
Tove will help with layout
Ida will contact Zaptista for more food & coffee options
Ida/Emma to look into massage options. Magda has people that may be interested (Alex) and we can look at running a trial with him. (Post meeting – Alex confirmed would be interested)
Emma to look into VAT with Sandy the accountant
New profit share with artists will be 30%/70% - Ida to do new contracts for artists
Ida to speak to Magda about sales training and dealing with customers
Ida to make a “to do” list with Magda of things needing done in shop (regular activities for volunteers to do on certain days)
Music – Nix to set up a speaker in the hallway with panel saying what music is playing.
Listening post – Ida to make long term to do list and get extra volunteers if needed.
Displays – Tove will design new displays for zines and music. Nix will build.
Lights – Suzanna to source a new lightshade. Nix to remove old spotlights
Window – Nix to replace frosted glass. Ida cleaning and remove old display.
Cabinet – Tove to fix shelves and fairy lights.
Labelling – Ida to add to do list to try to remove labelling from zines etc.
New desk – Nix to source
Door mat – Ida to source


We discussed the fact that the shop was not that visible or known about and ways to promote. We agreed the main areas were; to make the entrance more obvious and inviting as well as find new ways to promote using the web and cafe space. (see above for specific building points e.g. window)


Promoting new stock – Marking new arrivals and making more them more of a feature.
Biz cards – We will make these from recycled card and paper using a bespoke rubber stamp once we have a budget to do this. In the meantime Ida to print more of the existing fliers.
Website – Ida to work with Ilaria and Milk on this. This should also include creating links to other sites/artists etc.
BB – Ida to continue updates on shop to keep awareness up and ask for volunteers to help
Cafe – Tove to create new signs for the Shop in the Cafe
Blackboard – Taskin to search for the other side of the blackboard and if cannot find then arrange to make a new one.
Door – Ida to speak to Marmot about re-doing the door.
New artists – Ida to arrange new promotions for artists with Ilaria. (e.g. Searching for new musicians, artists etc through local websites as well as promoting the possibilities on own website, inside shop and cafe)
Relaunch – have a big relaunch event/day. Ida to add to plan.
Post meeting action – Ida to attend Forest fundraiser meeting to include shop in plans for this day.


We would like to have more non EVS volunteers working in the shop. Especially people with retail experience that can help with ideas and have energy to be there.

All new volunteers to be vetted in the same way as cafe volunteers – check references, have an interview/chat etc.

We have our first volunteers in the shop - Suzanna and Mike!

Suzanna and Mike to be trained on Sunday.
Taskin to create shop volunteer application form and to check new volunteers.
Promoting on BB – Ida to advertise for new volunteers
Vouchers for food – Emma to create along with other vouchers.
Volunteer website – Ida to advertise with other volunteer websites.
Existing volunteers – Taskin to contact existing volunteers asking if they would like to get involved in the shop.

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