Shop Info + Shop Meeting (16 July - 7pm)

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Shop Info + Shop Meeting (16 July - 7pm)

Postby Julie » Fri Jul 10, 2009 3:39 pm

Hej dear Shop volunteers

I'm Hannah, the new EVS. My personal project is the shop, which needs some "evolution" in order to get more attractive and more popular. i would like to keep you updated with my ideas for the shop, our plans and of course i want to hear what you think!

first, thanks to anna who put a nice shop sign on the café door! since you did that yesterday some people came in from the café, asking me if the shop is new...

so, these are the plans for the shop:
- i'm going to rearrange some of the stock so that it looks nicer
- i'm going to clean up the shop folder and get a new notebook in which all important events and information can be kept
- we will soon sell tickets for venues like the Bowery - so the shop will be a box office soon!
- we need good-selling stock, especially for the festival. have you got any great ideas or do you know people who make wonderful things that everyone would want to buy?
- of course, we have to promote the shop! a new logo that can be put onto flyers and posters would be great! if anyone wants to help the shop and is good at graphic design or just has got a nice idea for a shop logo, please let me know.

of course there are many other things that should be done and ideas that could be discussed. that is why i'd like to have a pre-festival shop-meeting. my suggestion for our meeting is next thursday, 16 july at 7pm in the shop. i would be happy if everyone interested in improving the shop came!

that's it, so now please post your comments, complaints, ideas, wishes, etc! :)


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Re: Shop Info + Shop Meeting (16 July - 7pm)

Postby Hannah » Fri Jul 10, 2009 3:43 pm

Sorry for the confusion, i was using julie's computer and forgot to login to my account...

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Re: Shop Info + Shop Meeting (16 July - 7pm)

Postby annab » Fri Jul 10, 2009 10:52 pm

woo hoo. i am glad we have finally got people coming into the shop from the cafe. the sign may only be temporary as magda (artist not hairdressers) is taking over the cafe to do a mural and may want it taken down. but hopefully we can persuade her that something similar in her chosen colour scheme can be created on the door so people stay informed about the shop.x
the 16th sound pretty good to me for a meeting.x

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Re: Shop Info + Shop Meeting (16 July - 7pm)

Postby annab » Tue Jul 14, 2009 9:42 pm

hey i am going away for a few days.

is there anyway that we could rearrange to the shop meeting to next week.

i should be back on monday.x anna

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