Psycho-Acoustic Sculptures Vol. 5

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Psycho-Acoustic Sculptures Vol. 5

Postby thehemulen » Fri Oct 02, 2009 11:51 am

Sup yo Peoples!

it's my pleasure to announce the latest in my Psycho-Acoustic series: Volume 5!

You can listen to it on my homepage (just hit play on the small player on the left hand side):
and at lastFM: ... res+Vol.+5
you can now even buy the downloads from my all new shop:
or speak to me if you would like a lovingly crafted Ltd Ed. CD copy! (ill give Jane and the crew a bunch to bring back when theyre over at the end of the month)

hope you dig the sounds. please lend an ear and tell me what you think - id love to get any feedback you might have. and many thanks to Martin for doing the cover!

big up,

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