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Post by ravanwin » Mon Dec 04, 2006 3:16 pm

All kitchen peoples:

it is important to note an important bit of kitchen policy:

The forest kitchen is not a secretary nor a post office nor a safty deposit box

please do not allow ANYONE to leave ANYTHING behind the counter.

This is clearly because there are too many people in the kitchen and too many people who would abuse this and we cannot gaurentee the safe delivery of sets of keys, cash, notes, jumpers, essays, bottles of vodka or what have you.

This also includes oxfam tins on the counters, the sale of poppies and the like.

I know it can seem quite draconian but too many times we've had people leave stuff behind the counter and either:
1) not pick it up
2) not pick it up in a timely fashion
3) we have lost people's items
4) volunteers have taken bottles of vodka home with them.

basically, if someone wants something from the kitchen other than food or drink, the answer is no. Please do not commit the kitchen to any activities which are not specifically kitchen duties and, if you have a moral quandry, please contact the working group.

Some examples:
hey, can i give you my rent money to give to my flatmate ralph? he'll be here in an hour and i need to catch a train:

can i leave these empty bottles here to take home and fill with delicious home brew late?


can you help me clean this head would?

No. You need to go to a hospital, man.

Obviously, if a volunteer wants to personally be responsible for any of these types of things, that is fine. I don't recomend it but it's fine so long as no responisbility falls to other volunteers etc.

Alles clar?

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