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environment more friendly...

Post by chris » Sat Dec 16, 2006 11:39 pm

small electrical audit!

typical costs of electricty:

kettle 1800 watts, one boil costs about £0.015
microwave costs £0.10 per hour
the grill probably costs £0.20 an hour.

at night with most things off the kitchen is still drawing quite a lot of power, i forget how much, but the main sources of this would be the immersion heater, the tea hot water heater, the fridges, the soup urns (i presume these arent left on) and the coffee machine (now swithced off?).

we should definetly switch off all these things off at night, apart from the fridges.

most important is that the immersion heater and tea water heater should be switched off every night (timers could be easily installed for these things), this is likely to save in the region of £500.

electricity costs about £0.10 per kwh (ie. 1000 watts being used for one hour costs £0.10)
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