minutes - 18/01/07

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minutes - 18/01/07

Post by Shannon » Thu Jan 18, 2007 8:56 pm

People: Bill, Ryan, Shannon, Gareth & a bit of Georgina


1. sourcing veg & cheese

2. chickpeas

3. what is to be done with potatoes

4. new menu

5. lights in the kitchen

6. print out sandwich/salad ideas

7. how to make ryan less unhappy

1. sourcing veg & cheese
- SHANNON will contact a couple of company’s she’s been researching
- if anyone knows any local farms where we might find some good stuff, please say so on the kitchen forum
- ALEX called Damhead – waiting to hear back

2. chickpeas
- we are into switching to dried chickpeas – SHANNON will order dry ones next week

3. what is to be done with potatoes
- 20-25p from Nadias
- 75p for 2 from Damhead
- need to find out sweet potato prices
- Ryan has reiterated his detest for the machine and their low-class bullshit
- Alex is low-class and he loves it
- Shannon is frustrated
- bitching aside: what will we put in them?
- beans, cheese, chilli/curry, hummus, salsa & 1 daily special
- baked potato with (vegan) margarine: £2, 1 filling: £2.50, 2 filling: £3.00 3 fillings: £7.20 – with 2 side salads add £1.80

4. new menu
- menu cannot be more than one page
- prose is important (Uncle Buck)
- brie & oatcakes is good, so is olives/olives&feta
- trail and nutmix will stay, but with a better description
- veggie burger is gone
- falafel description needs to be change – 3 in the meal, 2 in the burger & no stuffy stuffy
- potatoes added
- salad plate, soup, soup & salad stays
- burrito – vegan option available (if it goes that way)
- ‘guacamole when seasonal’
- chai needs to move from cup to pot
- raspberry lemonade instead of cranberry
- we will move to more loose teas – cheaper to buy, less waste and more profit
- BILL is looking at militant coffee
- SHANNON will check prices on granola/fruit bar things
- cookies need to be taken off of menu
- mocha for £1.80
- curry: £3.80
- bagel on the menu: £1.50
- RYAN will ask Magda to deal with art/writing
- unless you’re told otherwisestated, menu will be written Monday night

5. light
- don’t unplug it – just turn it off at the wall

6. sandwich/salad ideas
- one of KMs will print out and laminate when they have a chance

7. how to make ryan less unhappy
- he would like a raise and a pension

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday 13th February

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