kitchen minutes - 20/02/07

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kitchen minutes - 20/02/07

Postby Shannon » Tue Feb 20, 2007 9:05 pm

1. Actions from last meeting
2. Jamie
3. Volunteer crisis
4. Vegan burritos
5. Chickpeas
6. Broken things
7. Kitchen after building takeover
8. KM Schedule/vacation
9. Java cakes
10. Espresso

Actions from last meeting
- Shannon got organic veg sorted and dried chickpeas in effect
- Bill still has coffee under investigation
- We decided against granola bar wrappy things
- Menu is done

- wants to come back and do more than before (Wed/Thurs)
- to do Wednesday: recycling, cheese, candle wax on table, sweep & mop downstairs
- to do Thursday: recycling, clean bins, garlic if available, sweep café, candle wax on table

Volunteer Crisis
- Ryan has proactive plans:
1) night is the big issue – we need to make it feel fun to work at night (need a poster about the great stuff that happens at night, make it clear that as part of a community, the more people who work, the better it is – it is EASY if there are more than two people) – ACTION: Alex will make poster
2) kitchen managers will do night shifts and teach people how to lock up – train them up! – ACTION: all do at least one shift
3) Encourage night manager to get friends to sign up for their shifts – RYAN will post this on NM forum
4) New night managers? – letter with a free card. Elle, Torstein, Holly, Caroline, Shaun, Mark, Faith, Paulo, Sean, Rob, Lily & Chris ACTION: Shannon will ask Neil where the letter is, make sure there is details about bb forum

Vegan Burritos
- Ryan would like to note that only two vegan burritos have been bought on his shift
- Shannon would like to note that more than two have been sold on hers and that many of our volunteers enjoy eating them
- ACTION: Shannon will make a sign to advertise vegan burritos

- takes three hours to cook after soaking overnight
- experiment continues
- make sure they get soaked!!! Cook em and then keep em till later…

Broken things
- rice cooker: Shannon will call Georgina and then pick the cooker up on Thursday]
- magimixer: Shannon will ask Georgina to check on it

KM Schedule/Vacation
- Shannon needs shifts off from 13-27 of June
- Ryan wants a couple weeks at the beginning of May
- Shannon would really like a week off in August…

Java Cakes
- do we want them? Maybe…

- Bill is still looking into the Zapatistas…

Kitchen after Building Takeover
- Need to think about it.
- Starting days at 9am??
- We will need more curries, etc.
- If upstairs is open, the kitchen should be open
- Longterm: coffee, sandwiches and cakes upstairs
- Do we let them take our dishes/cups upstairs?
- Let’s start thinking about what we can sell upstairs
- Display fridge upstairs?!

- Viking: sold tape
- Need salad buckets – throw out bad, bring in new

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kitchen minutes ACTION Update

Postby ravanwin » Tue Apr 17, 2007 7:42 pm

Past actions: Update

- Have we written to new night managers?

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Postby Shannon » Wed Apr 18, 2007 11:31 pm

Letter is done. A couple have been distributed. Action is in action.

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