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vultures vultures everywhere

Postby swithun » Mon May 07, 2007 5:05 pm

Twice in 2 days I've had to tell idiots that they in fact shouldn't eat their own food in the cafe. Is it really that difficult? Maybe it is for some people.

So, to clear it up once and for all, I propose this poster. Feel free to modify/criticise/big up. I've uploaded the Inkscape SVG and JPEG in a zip archive and a PDF version too.

Nick said that it was accepted policy for people to bring their own food if they were willing to share, but this was too difficult to convey clearly in a poster. It is more of an un-written rule that not everyone should know. No? Imagine if everyone did that. I would be forced to go stone kold Kantian on some freeloader's ass.
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