Summer Preps

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Summer Preps

Postby ravanwin » Sat Jun 02, 2007 1:46 pm


do not be fooled by the slowness of This Season, there are some Very Important and Smart preperations to make before August.

Salad Dressing: we should have 20 full square tubs of it stocked before August gets here. I tried to do this today but we are out of Balsamic Viniger. There is no sense making Salad Dressing in August and

Stock: also, let me say, we should be raising the orders from Green City to really bulk up the stock room gently over then next month. Get too many beans, too many chick peas, too many baked beans, too many rice noodles. That way, in August, we won't have a massive and back breaking delivery in the middle of the day when we are rammed and busy.

Curry / Chilli / Soups: Our goal should be to have both freezers full as well as 4 - 5 tubs stashed in the fridge by August 1. The last thing we are gonna want / need / have time to do is make big pots of curry and soup. We will still need to, but 2 freezers will give us some breathing room.

Olives: we should have 3 large "salad" boxes filled with marinated olives. They will sell.


Ratitioulli: is is soup, is it a main meal? Why are there four tubs of it? What is anyone meant to do with it? I, for one, feel our menu is fine and works so am sort of against these sort of changes to the specials. curry and chilli are easy for all to deal with... there is no need to bring a 3rd dish is (especially one I don't know how to serve or cost....) <sorry>

CHEESE: don't leave the cheese in bags once they are open. Transfer to a tub, just like normal. Bags are not air tight, boxes air. Cheese is open bags goes off quicker. Right?

So, keep this in mind in the kitchen days and nights over the next few weeks. If you are bored, make something we can save for august.

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