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KM/kitchen bits and bobs

Post by Shannon » Fri Jul 13, 2007 2:12 pm

A few things:

I cleaned out the two freezers today. The small one is soup only. There are 15 tubs right now. The big one has chilli and curry. There are 12 containers of curry and 7 chilli. Each have their own row(s). Can we try to keep it this way? There is lots of room on the other side of the big freezer for wraps and pitta. Also, I found frozen roast vegetables in there. I am defrosting and trying to salvage, but I don't think that's really the thing to do with roast veg! Also found frozen chickpeas?

There will be an organic veg delivery on Tuesday. Please bear in mind when ordering veg over the weekend. It will consist of the following:

- 12 pc ndl cucumber

- 5kg scottish courgettes

- 8 head grb green batavia lettuce

- 3kg ndl white mushrooms

- 2pun scot mixed sprouts

- 2 bag scot kale

There will be an SDS delivery and a Funny Bones delivery on Monday. There are also cakes ordered. I think it would be good to leave a note if you've ordered cakes since they take two days to come. Otherwise, we might end up with overlap (almost did this week).

What is the deal with cleaning toilets for money right now? I gave Danny a fiver today for doing them. I think this might have been wrong. Faith and I did them for free on Wednesday. Would be cool to get them done over the weekend as well. It's a much more pleasant job when done this way.

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