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Repost Recreate Represent

Postby danny » Wed Aug 01, 2007 5:13 am

Idea for more exciting posters:

We cut and paste relevant pieces from other out of date flyers onto the advertising, making it much effective, more fun, more artistic, more eco-friendly.
Why stop there? Why just promote events? We could promote concepts. FUN. Using entirely re-cycled materials, one letter one entire poster. It could get stapled out onto the railings outside. FUN with and maybe even a wee map pointing in the direction of the Fabulous Fabled Forest Kindgom. What would a map of the Forest World look like from outside? And why stop there? We could have fun pieces of writing out there and MUSIC. I'm thinking fabulously funky folk fantastic enthusiastic over the top happy-hop reggae-roots-rock-out there..

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